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Q. When are concert tickets going to be available?

A. We have concert tickets in stock now. Call us to get your tickets or order on line.

Q. How will I pay for my Tickets?

A. We accept all major credit cards and we also accept money orders and cashiers checks.

Q. How will I receive my Tickets?

A. To insure timely and secure delivery by our designated courier company. We do not use regular mail, since there is no way to track the package.

Q. Can I choose my seats?

A. The allow you to choose seats on a best-seat-available basis. There will be no choice of seats.

Q. How long do I have to wait to receive my tickets?

A. For delivery within Malaysia, please allow 7 working days for our processing and delivery by our designated courier company.

Q. Can I choose to collect my tickets at the venue?

A. You can collect your tickets at the venue within one hour before show time, i.e. if the show time is 8pm, you can collect your tickets between 7pm and 8pm. (Available only for orders received at least 1 working day before the show.)

Q. Can I reserve tickets with a deposit?

A. Yes, this is the "Easy Payment Plan." If you book early enough (more than 7 weeks prior to the concert), you can hold tickets with a 30% non-refundable deposit. Changes may be made until the final payment is due, six weeks prior to the show.

**With our service, you no longer have to worry about waiting in line for hours, only to get seats in the upper levels. We allow you to select where you want to sit. Whether it is mid-court, or near the back, we can put you there! And all with the ease and convenience of a phone call, or if you prefer, order right on line.