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About Us

Wee Yen Chin (Managing Director)


Wee Yen Chin, the founder of at year 2001. As Managing Director, Wee Yen Chin is responsible for running and developing the business of online ticketing, with a focus on team-building and strategy setting for the business as a whole. She is also responsible for guiding the company's business vision which is to be the ultimate source, a portal, of ticket information for concerts throughout Malaysia.


Muhammad Affandy (Marketing Manager)


Muhammad Affandy was appointed to his current position in year 2001. As Marketing Manager, he is primarily responsible for marketing strategy. He leads the marketing team and responsible for expanding market presence. Besides that, he is also liable for marketing planning, product development, promoting and advertising, sourcing for materials, communicate with suppliers, do research and developement, track response and analyze results.


Amanda Wong Sook Hui (Finance Manager)



Amanda Wong Sook Hui was appointed to her current position in year 2001. As Finance Manager, she is primarily responsible for's financial and administrative functions. She is also responsible for leading the finance team and contributing to the strategic direction of the company. She will be controlling the budget of the company, keep record of purchasing transaction, keep track of all the documentary and all sorts of paper work.


Abul Hasnath (Facilitator)


Abul Hasnath Md. Helal was appointed to his current position in year 2001. As Facilitator, he is responsible for creating and overseeing the creation of company web pages. He also has to maintain and update company web pages, coordinating company web activities with colleagues, consulting with company on website issues and acting as a point of contact for the company on web-related matters. He is serving as a resource person for the company and having an ongoing development of web building skills as well.


Fiona Tan Li Mae (Graphic Designer)



Fiona Tan Li Mae was appointed to her current position in year 2001. As Graphic Designer, she is in charge of designing the web page for the company based on ideas given to her by the board. Besides that, she also designs tickets and event brochures, source for photos and pictures for concerts that offers. Her ability to create attractive yet professional designs is why she was elected to join the team in 2001.